To ensure pleasant circumstances throughout the hotel and to maintain
good public order. Article 10 of the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR
ACCOMMODATION CONTRACTS" states, "The Guest shall observe the Rules
and Regulations established by the Hotel, which are posted within the
premises of the Hotel." Further, the Holiday Inn OSAKA NAMBA reserves the
right to refuse or to cancel the occupancy of a room and/or the use of any
other hotel facilities to any guest who fails to comply with the "Rules and
Regulations" listed herein.
For Personal Safety
1. Although the outside doorknob of every guest room locks automatically,
you are requested to verify that the door is completely locked whenever
leaving your room.
2. To ensure a speedy and safe evacuation in the event of fire or natural
calamity, you are requested to refer to the instructions posted on the
inside of your room door to acquaint yourself with the location of the
"Emergency Exits" closest to your room.
3. Upon entering your room, please verify that the safety lock is set and that
the door latch is in place. In the event someone seeks entry, it is strongly
recommended that before opening the door you look through the scope
set into the door to ensure that the visitor is someone known to you or
else is someone who can properly be identified.
4. You are requested to notify the Front Desk immediately in the event of
any unusual occurrences or if any unidentified persons are seen to be
loitering around.
5. Meeting with visitors in your room is against hotel policy. For that
purpose, please use the lobby or any of the public facilities of the hotel.
6. Please fill in your name, address, telephone number, place of employment,
and other miscellaneous information requested by the Hotel.
To Prevent Fire
1. Other than those provided by the hotel, the use of cooking utensils is
2. All rooms and facilities are non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking.
3. Fireworks, incense sticks, candles, and other inflammable items are
specifically forbidden to be used within the hotel.
To prevent the loss of money, jewelry, or other valuables, it is strongly
recommended that they are placed in the safety deposit boxes that are
available in your guestroom. We do not take responsibility for lost valuables.
Unclaimed Articles
Except when there is a forwarding address or else specific instructions for
their disposal have been received, unclaimed articles and laundry will be
kept for a maximum of 7 days. Following that time, articles and laundry
remaining unclaimed will be handled in accordance with the laws of the
Police Department.
Payment Of Hotel Charges
1. The hotel has the right to request a deposit upon checking-in.
2. Accounts presented for payment must be settled immediately.
3. With the exception of "Travelers Cheques," no cheques will be accepted
for payment or changed into currency.
4. The hotel assumes absolutely no responsibility for the payment of any
incidental guest expenses such as but not limited to shopping charges,
tickets, taxi fares, or postage.

1. The following articles are forbidden in the hotel:
a. Animals and birds. (excluding guide dogs)
b. Gasoline, explosives, or any other inflammables.
c. Offensive smelling items.
d. Illegally owned guns and swords.
e. Excessively bulky objects.
f. Any substance or article whose possession and/or use is prohibited by
Japanese law.
2. Gambling and similar offenses against public order are prohibited. To
avoid disturbing other guests, you are requested to avoid making loud
noises or singing loud.
3. Without the specific consent of the hotel management, you may use
neither your room nor the lobby as an office, for private parties, or for any
other such activity.
4. Persons not registered by the Guest during reservation and or check in is
prohibited from the Guest room.
5. The distribution of advertising material or solicitous literature is prohibited
within the hotel.
6. Without the specific consent of the hotel management, the
rearrangement of hotel facilities and/or furnishings is prohibited.
7. To maintain an attractive exterior appearance, it is against hotel policy for
guests to display objects in windows or to hang items from them.
8. Guests are requested to ensure they do not leave their belongings either
in the lobby or in the corridors. Please note that slippers, "geta" Japanese
wooden clogs, are not appropriate within the hotel. Umbrellas may
either be placed in an umbrella box at the entrance or deposited in the
cloak room.
9. The ordering of meals and drinks which must be delivered from outside
the hotel is not permitted.
10. It is against hotel policy to go out of your room dressed in a pajama or
wearing slippers.
11. Except in the case of emergency or for unavoidable reasons, the use of
emergency exits and entry into areas marked "Private" is not permitted.
12. Except with the specific consent of either their parents or guardians,
minors are not permitted to stay at this hotel.
13. You will be required to pay full compensation for:
a. Any and all damages you may inflict upon any part of the hotel.
b. Contamination for which you bear responsibility.
c. Any loss suffered by the hotel for any acts, omissions or negligence
caused by Guest.
14. A service surcharge is added to all outside telephone calls made from
your room.

Provisions For Articles In Custody
Article 1. Applications
Hotel takes custody of those articles and belongings of guest who is
staying or to be staying at this Hotel under herein contained provisions
pursuant to paragraph Articles 15 of Terms and Conditions for
Accommodation Contracts.
Article 2. Period of Custody
2.1 The period of custody shall run from the day upon which an article is put
into custody of this Hotel until designated date of return.
2.2 The designation date of return shall be within 30 days from the day upon
which the article was put into custody of this Hotel.
2.3 If no such designation of date is made, the period of custody shall run for
30 days beginning on the day the article was put into custody.
Article 3. Prohibited Articles
Articles such as but not limited to, jewelry, valuables, dangerous objects,
perishables, fragile articles, plants, animals and wooden goods can not
be put into custody.
Article 4. Claimant
The claimant of the article in custody be either the guest who requested
custody or a person by the guest who requested custody.
Article 5. Confirmation of Claimant
The claimant shall submit the Claim Certificate to the clerk of this Hotel
in charge of the article in custody at the time he claims the return of the
article. In the event that the claimant is a third party appointed by the
guest who requested custody of the article, submission of the Claim
Certificate will not be necessary. However this Hotel may require him to
submit proof that he is correct claimant. The clerk shall in his/her
reasonable detemination release the article to the person claiming the
a r t i c l e i n c u s t o d y . T h e H o t e l s h a l l t h e r e a f t e r h a v e n o
further responsibility with respect to the article claimed.
Article 6. Compensation for Damage
6.1 This Hotel shall not be responsible for any loss, destruction, deterioration
or other damage to the article in custody which has occurred by reason
of force majeure as the term is commonly defined.
6.2 Any person using the custody service shall have a duty to compensate
for any damage incurred by this Hotel and/or any third party if such
damage is due to the destruction or deterioration of the article in
custody or any other reasons for which the said person is responsible.
Article 7. Disposition of Article in Custody
7.1 If the claimant does not claim the article in custody within 7 days after
the expiration of the period of custody, all article(s) in custody shall be
deemed abandoned and the Hotel shall dispose of the article(s) as it
deems fit.
7.2 The cost of the disposition described in the paragraph immediately
above shall be borne by the person who requested custody provided
that any proceeds of said disposition shall be off-set against the costs of
Article 8. Emergency Steps
This Hotel may take emergency steps which are appropriate under the
circumstances in the following events :
(a) Demand by legal authorities that the article in custody be opened or
otherwise disposed of.
(b) Fire, abnormality in the condition of the article or other exigent
Article 9. Governing Language
These Provisions are written both in Japanese and English. In the event
of any inconsistency or difference between the two versions of these
Provisions, the Japanese version shall prevail in all respects.
Article 10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
Any dispute arising from or in relation to these Provisions shall be
referred to the Japanese court having jurisdiction over the location of
this Hotel and resolved in accordance with applicable Japanese Laws.