About Luggage & Courier Service

Q1: Is luggage storage service available before check-in and after check-out?
A: Yes, we do provide luggage storage service before check-in and after check-out. Please talk to the front desk.

Q3: Is courier service available?
A: Yes. We also provide boxes for shipping at a surcharge. Please ask our front desk for assistance. All courier services are solely handled and processed by Yamato Transport. If you prefer using EMS (international mailing service), we are able to guide you to the local post office.

Q4: Can the hotel assist hotel guests to receive items purchased online or luggage sent to Japan before check-in?
A: Yes. Please be sure to specify our hotel name and the duration of your stay at our hotel when you send packages. Please have your luggage sent either on your check-in date or one day before. We do not accept the luggage that requires cash or payment on delivery. In addition, we are unable to keep your luggage for an extended period of time.

Q5: Where can I buy stamps?
A: You can purchase stamps at Seven Eleven which is located on the first floor of our hotel. One stamp costs 70 yen for international mail. Please ask at our front desk if you need assistance sending your mail.